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Stopper BV140

Stopper BV140 is a flexible safety barrier in the form of a pole. It is designed and suitable for the protection of doorways, service passages and external corners.
Made of extra strong plastic polymer. The Stopper distributes the mechanical load over its entire surface, thereby it does not deform. Besides, the floor and the vehicle that came into contact with the product remain intact. The barrier is proof against the action of moisture, ultraviolet and temperature difference. It can be used in cold rooms.

Height 618 mm
Diameter 140 mm
Base 160x160 mm

The flexible barrier reliably protects the object from damage: corners, passages and doorways will remain intact. Moreover, it minimizes damage to the vehicle.


The sturctures are made of extra strong plastic polymer, due to which they are incredibly strong and easily withstand repeated impacts.


Our barriers are flexible, meaning no deformation at collisions. That is, unlike a metal structure, the Stopper will return to its original position after impact.


Our barriers are suitable for various types of infrastructure, from warehouses to large industrial areas.

Signal coating

The product has a bright yellow-black color, which makes it visible to the operator of loading and unloading equipment at complex maneuvers in a limited space.

Image improvement

Modern and effective barriers not only provide security, but also give your entetrprise a more professional and aesthetic look.


Instruction Djwnload

Djwnload Instruction
You will need The self-tapping anchor
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