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Stopper BV125

Stopper BV125 is a flexible safety barrier in the form of a pole. It is designed and suitable for the protection of doorways, service passages and external corners.
Made of extra strong plastic polymer. The Stopper distributes the mechanical load over its entire surface, thereby it does not deform. Besides, the floor and the vehicle that came into contact with the product remain intact. The barrier is proof against the action of moisture, ultraviolet and temperature difference. It can be used in cold rooms.

Height 615 mm
Diameter 125 mm
Base 160x160 mm

The flexible safety pole is a reliable protection of corners, doorways and passages from the machinery impacts.

Cost minimization

The flexible barriers allow you to save on the repair of the equipment and its cargo. This is because the barrier absorbs the impact at a collision.

It does not deform.

The pole is flexible, so after a collision it will return to its original position without leaving visible signs of damage.


It can be used outdoors as well as in any type of premises: production, warehouse, cold rooms, etc.

Signal coating

The signal yellow color ensures the visibility of the bollard and can serve as a reference point for forklift drivers.


The Stopper flexible safety barrier has a concise design and is aesthetically attractive, so it will fit perfectly into the interior of your premises.


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