Production facilities - our solutions provide comprehensive protection of industrial facilities.The range includes fences to protect equipment, distribution of traffic flows, protection of loading and unloading areas, entry / exit and other areas with high traffic and people.

Recommended products: flexible safety barriers, horizontal energy-absorbing barriers, safety bollards, safety energy-absorbing guardrails.

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Benefits of implementing our solutions

  • Durable and practical products. One-time investments will protect staff, machinery, and equipment and minimize possible losses and downtime in production processes.
  • Simplicity and low labor costs of installation. No special skills are required for installation and operation, there may be additional equipment and reuse of individual structural elements.
  • The aesthetic appearance of the system fits easily into the interior of any modern enterprise.
  • The structures' stability. Resistant to climatic factors and mechanical damage. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Increase productivity.Thanks to our solutions, you can optimize the intra-warehouse movement of goods.

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