Flexible, shock-absorber Politon safety systems can be used both indoors and outdoors that must be taken into account when zoning retail space.

Our energy-absorbing barriers are modular in design and have an aesthetic appearance that is important for any outlet.

Recommended products: industrial kerbs, shock-absorber barrier, flexible energy-absorbing barriers, safety guardrails, fiberglass wall panels.

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Benefits of implementing our solutions

  • Optimum hygiene and sanitary protection are provided by using waterproof industrial kerbs and barriers, fiberglass wall panels.
  • Costs reduction in object operation. Our designs are durable and long lasting.
  • The aesthetic appearance of the system fits easily into the interior of any modern enterprise.
  • Does not require special skills for installation and operation. Possible complement, replacement and reuse of the individual components.
  • Feature construction material and energy absorbing barriers softens and prevents deformation of the vehicle.

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