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Roller barrier RS 485*2/1500 (P/G)

Impact resistance
Shock absorption
 Weather resistance

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Roller barrier RS 485*2/1500 (P/G)

Roller barrier RS 485*2/1500 (P/G)

The rolling barrier is a modern and effective safety system based on the principle of impact energy distribution and absorption. It consists of metal poles interconnected by rail sleeves and elastic rollers clearly rotating on them. The energy distribution at a vehicle collision with rolling protection is provided by a decomposition of the impact force vector into components and their redirection along a tangential trajectory due to the rotation of the rollers, while energy absorption is provided by the elasticity of the roller material.

Roller size 485х350 mm
Roller weight 9.5 kg
Roller material Compound PU+PP+EVA

Rolling barriers distribute and redirect the impact energy of the vehicle, which helps prevent serious accidents, damage to buildings and equipment, as well as prevent injury to people.

Easy to install and use

Rolling barriers can be installed in any area where it is required to secure the movement of a vehicle: roads, logistics transport routes, etc.


Rolling barriers are suitable for all kinds of vehicles and can be used at different types of roads.


Rolling barriers are made of powder-coated thick-walled steel elements and elastic rollers made of qualitative material. This ensures weather resistance, longevity, low maintenance and durability.


Rolling barriers have a safety color and reflective elements visible in the dark.


Rolling barriers have a modern and stylish design, which allows them to harmoniously fit into the outdoor space.


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You will need Self-drilling anchor
You will need Embedded part
You will need Driven pile
You will need M14 Nut
You will need M14 Washer

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