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Industrial baseboard PL65

 Moisture resistance

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Industrial baseboard PL65

Industrial baseboard PL65

Designed for use in industrial, domestic and auxiliary premises.
Made of voidless solid cast quartz polymer material.
It has fixed dimensions that remain constant under the influence of the environment and differential temperature. A special coating will prevent rotting, stains and mold growth. It is not supplied with outside and inside corners.
Impact resistance class - 1. Not designed for impact protection.

Length 1000 mm
Height 65 mm
Bottom part thickness 65 mm
High quality

The use of the advanced technologies and equipment guarantees consistent high quality, confirmed by the ISO certificate.


The baseboard material contributes to the observance of the necessary sanitary and hygienic standards. Prevents mold appearance.

Water resistance

A well-designed shape prevents moisture accumulation by carrying water off the wall and eliminating the formation of stagnant humid zones.

Chemical resistance

Resistant to alkaline and acid solutions. The special GLOSPOL gel coating withstands intensive treatment with detergents and chemicals.


The baseboard is designed in a restrained, laconic design, providing a modern and tidy look to the room. The basic color is white.


The tight fitting of the baseboard to the wall and floor ensures that liquid quickly runs off from the surface.


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You will need Glue
You will need Primer
You will need Sealant

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