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Stopper BG140

Stopper BG140 is a unique flexible safety barrier designed to provide reliable protection of gates along the entire perimeter. Its design allows for fastening on both one and two sides of the wall, providing a high level of security.
Made of extra strong plastic polymer. Stopper evenly distributes the mechanical load over its entire surface, thereby it does not deform. The barrier also ensures the integrity of the floor and vehicles in the event of a collision. It is highly proof against the action of moisture, ultraviolet and temperature difference. It is suitable for use in food industry premises.

Height 3500 mm
Vertical pillar 140 mm
Horizontal crossbar 110 mm
Reliable protection

The Barrier BG140 will protect the doorway from damage. A specially designed structure, which is installed around the entire perimeter of the doorway, provides reliable protection against forklifts and other equipment impacts .

Cost reduction

Stopper absorbs the impact, so the equipment and transported cargo will be less vulnerable to the consequences of the impact, thereby you will save both on the repair of the premises and the forklifts.


The fence contains an extra strong plastic polymer, which ensures high multiple impacts resistance.


The construction material is environmentally friendly and approved for use in the food industry.

Signal color

Signal yellow is a good guide for drivers. Moreover, the paint does not fade or peel, which allows the barrier to remain aesthetically attractive for many years.

External mechanical impact resistance

Flexible safety barriers do not change their properties and characteristics under the action of moisture, temperature differences and ultraviolet radiation.


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You will need The self-tapping anchor

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