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Stopper BCC125

Stopper BCC125 is a horizontal flexible safety barrier.
It is designed to protect cable channels. It is manufactured in single- and multi-sectional versions. Made of extra strong plastic polymer. The barrier evenly distributes the mechanical load over its entire surface, thereby it does not deform. The barrier maintains the integrity of the floor and vehicles in the event of a collision.
It is highly proof against the action of moisture, ultraviolet and temperature difference. It can be used in various premises, including cold rooms.

Height 315 mm
Finite/connecting element diameter 125 mm
Section diameter 75 mm

Stopper BCC125 is designed to protect against damage to cable channels and other equipment at low heights. This barrier can be made to any desired length.

No deformation

The barrier distributes the mechanical load over its entire surface and does not deform. This effect is achieved through the use of a extra strong plastic polymer and a special construction solution.

Environmental stability

The flexible barrier does not change its properties under the action of moisture, ultraviolet and temperature difference, so it can be used in various premises.

Cost reduction

The flexible barrier will allow you to save on the repair of equipment that can be damaged by careless driving.


The barrier has a minimalistic and laconic appearance, therefore it can harmoniously complement the interior of your room.

Easy installation

Installing barriers does not take much time. The barrier is supplied partially assembled and is fixed to the floor with a self-tapping anchor.


Instruction Download

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You will need The self-tapping anchor

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